SUP and PedalBoard Bookings

Spring Sessions


We sun most Saturday and Sunday mornings and will look at the weather and schedule tours and paddleboarding in the mornings or afternoons midweek. We normally do this a few days in advance when we feel the conditions are suitable but if none is scheduled send us a text on 0428604460.

10:30am sessions are configured Saturdays and 9:00am on Sunday. Other weekend times are available on request depending on weather. Text 0428604460.

Paddle boarding is very affected by the wind and we do cancel sessions. Use this page and look for the red wind speed (or if needed yellow) to plan stand up paddleboarding activities.

No pre-payment is required use the links below to reserve your boards. Don’t forget to hit the confirm booking on the second page and get your email.

Want more information. Checkout the Frequently Asked Questions Page. or give as an email.


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