Paddle for the Planet

Paddle For the Planet

Paddle For the Planet

As part of Port Stephens Naturefest Paddle for the Planet is happening in Shoal Bay at 9am on June 2nd 2018.

Paddle for the Planet is a Global Paddling Relay.  unites paddlers, creates awareness and is a movement for conservation. The goal is to have simultaneous paddling events happening sequentially, at a specific time, in every time zone and in each country around the world. The result will be to unite paddlers of any type of paddling craft through the Global Relay.Paddle for the Planet aims to raise awareness and financial support for marine conservation specifically in the area of reserves and “no take zones”. Paddle for the Planet wants to create an opportunity to make a difference. Often, when faced with the magnitude of environmental issues, a person is left feeling overwhelmed and as if there is nothing that can be done. We want to allow all paddlers the opportunity to help. This will be Promoted by Port Stephens tourism as Part of NatureFest 2018.

More details coming soon including  a booking link where you can book free SUPs for the day.

Join and follow this event for regular updates.

Here is the global facebook page




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